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Technical Support Services

Every Enterprise – regardless of its’ size – needs Technical Support. If you lack the manpower or the expertise for it, we can provide with flexible, efficient and economically viable Technical Support in order to make sure that there is unobstructed operation of your IT infrastructure.

Professional IT Services provides with the ‘IT as a Service / IT Outsourcing’ Service complete Technical Support and Consulting Services corresponding to each and every need of the Enterprise / Organization. The enterprises that do not have IT department gain access to IT services and digitization. The larger Enterprises / Organizations, focus on the technological advancement of the enterprise and do not waste time to day-to-day support operations.

Technical Support

Any unscheduled pauses in data processing capability or in the network transfer of data bring the team operation to a halt and dramatically increase the IT maintenance budget. With the Technical Support Contracts and the Prepaid Technical Support Hours packets your IT infrastructure is regularly monitored and controlled reliably, such that it remains healthy and continues to support your organization.

We offer flexible Technical Support plans that can cover diverse needs, depending on your requirements. Concurrently, your budget for Technical Support remains specific and under control.

What we offer

  • Consulting Services
    • Evaluation of the existing infrastructure and systems
    • Identify areas of improvement and modernization proposals
    • Planning of IT solutions based on the individual needs of each enterprise
    • Introduction of processes for productivity improvement through the optimal usage of infrastructures and systems
  • Services for Infrastructure Management
    • Installation and management of information systems and applications
    • Upgrade and maintenance of systems and infrastructures
    • Security of Information Systems
    • Relocation of equipment
    • Preventive check of systems good operation
  • Maintenance Contracts
    • Being aware of the importance of a smooth and seamless operation of a computer system, PROFIT emphasizes in its’ preventive maintenance and proper support.
    • We take over the day-to-day monitoring of systems operation of your company, relieving you from the need to establish an IT department
    • We are committed to the smooth operation of your systems via Support Contracts and SLA-based response times.
  • Operational Support – IT Outsourcing
    • Το the enterprises needing daily systems management, we offer specialized full time engineers working at the customers’ site, with a fixed duration contract, adjusted to the needs of each enterprise.

Programs that fit to your Needs

We have Technical Support Programs tailored to each Business/ Organization. Our Technical Support Programs provide a trusted and supportive environment of value for the IT infrastructure of each customer. They consist of a series of technical services and proactive maintenance that can fit to any modern Enterprise/ Organization of any size. They create a weighted cost for the Business/ Organization without unpredictable expenses and support costs. Moreover, they can provide a discount of up to 40% from the Support Services expenses listed in our company’s pricelist.

  • Technical Support Contracts – they address Businesses and Organizations with at least 5 working positions which have already invested in IT/ digitization and which have the need for response to technical support, proactive maintenance, monitoring and proper configuration of their equipment.
      • Basic – Includes Technical Support Services 9am to 5pm on working days (excluding Weekends and official holidays)
      • Extended – Includes Technical Support Services 9am to 9pm on working days (excluding Weekends and official holidays)
      • Full – Includes Technical Support Services 9am to 9pm on working days, as well as Weekends and official holidays
  • Prepaid Hours Technical Support packets – they address Businesses and Organizations which have already invested in digitization and which require response to technical support, proactive maintenance, monitoring and proper configuration for the smooth operation of their equipment. The Prepaid Hours Technical Support Packets are divided in:
      • 5 Hours Packet – no discount included
      • 10 Hours Packet – offers 5% discount
      • 30 Hours Packet – offers 10% discount
      • 50 Hours Packet – offers 12% discount
  • Basic Technical Support – addresses Businesses with 1 – 5 working positions, with or without server with little exposure in digitization and little requirements in response times. Charging for Basic Technical Support is based on hourly charges for the service.

We can provide program in 3 different ways

  • By Call – in such cases of simple tasks that can be completed by non-experts employees
  • Remotelyabout 70% of cases that require our involvement can be solved remotely, resulting in minimum disruption of your work, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction
      • for remote technical support services, charging time equals the actual remote connection time, with minimum charging time 15 minutes.
  • Onsite – in cases there is no other feasible way to solve the problem, a trained technician is sent to your site for troubleshooting the problem and allow for you return to standard business processes.
      • For onsite visits of a technician, the charging time begins with the entrance of the technician to the site. Minimum charging time is 2 hours.

PROFIT Ticketing

You may easily create a ticket in our system via a. a telephone call at 210.6843372 (select the technical department) or b. email at . In both cases you will receive an automated email through our issue tracking software Jira informing about correct reception and any progress in troubleshooting.

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