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PROFIT offers the correct solution for LAN security

LAN Security

Solutions for securely accessing your data locally and remotely

BackUp Solutions

Secure your data integrity

Disaster Recovery

Design and implementation of Disaster Prevention and Disaster Recovery


IT Security​

PROFIT offers the correct solution for LAN security and Data security in your Business/ Organization based on the top manufacturer Fortinet.


LAN Security

The increase in malicious electronic attacks to Businesses/ Organizations of every size has dramatically increased the need for security of the LAN and Data over the last years. A yet critical factor for business continuity of an organization is the safe provisioning of remote access and remote operation to the users, as far as crisis recovery or pandemics is concerned.

Solutions from Fortinet give the chance to Businesses of every size to shield its network and provide their employees with remote work access without compromising the security of its data.

Solutions from Fortinet

FortiGate is a high standards and efficiency firewall, which addresses businesses/ Organizations of every size with basic characteristics the Threat Protection and SSL inspection efficiency. It comprises the basis of the complete Fortinet solution.

FortiGate includes all services to secure your LAN and communicate with your branches. The unified platform includes Next Generation Firewall, IPS (Intrusion Protection Services), Application Control, Antivirus, Web Filtering, Anti-spam, VPN & Sandbox Cloud. The Fortinet management software – Forti OS – gives to the user a full view of its network status, management of all Fortinet devices at the corporate or branches level with only a few clicks.


FortiGate is built with ASIC technology for hardware acceleration of packet forwarding functionality, content inspection and encryption/ decryption through which it is achieved high switching capacity with all control services switched on (stateful inspection, NGFW, antivirus, etc.) and deep packet inspection.

The firewall can operate in high availability clustering mode active-active or active-passive. It supports the 802.1q and 802.3ad protocol.

It combines security for threat prevention as an integrated network security device of high efficiency.

It reduces complexity by creating a map of infrastructure topology and providing a layered view of devices, users and threat intelligence.

It pinpoints and stops threats (Intrusion Prevention) by examining the actual content of the traffic.

It provides with the highest SSL inspection efficiency in the field by using hardware accelerated cryptographers with certifications from the security industry.

It identifies dynamically malicious, unknown threats by using the cloud-based sandbox service.


Endpoint Protection Software – FortiClient – Remote connections with security

The second essential solution component from Fortinet is the interconnection via VPN of all remote users in a secure way to the Business/ Organization. Fortinet offers a VPN solution free of charge with the FortiGate through FortiClient, in its free VPN Client version.

However, this way we leave security holes open at the endpoints (Computer/ Laptop) and we do not offer complete security, despite the safe connection.

To shield the endpoints, the endpoint protection software FortiClient is offered. Given that the endpoint is the final target for malicious software that looks for credentials, network access and sensitive information, its security assurance is critical.

The FortiClient software is directed to the endpoint user.


BackUp Solutions

Secure your data integrity.

It is essential for every SMB or Organization to secure its data, having proper Back-up for the case of an emergency or physical destruction. Nevertheless, only a small portion of SMBs keep proper Back-up of their data.

Design and implementation of Back-up solutions for your data

Secure access to your data with backup files in folders at a local level or in the Cloud, depending on your needs. Gain access to older versions of your files in case the current version is faulty for same reason.

We use backup history of files on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Additionally, make sure that your data is safe and encrypted during transfer or during their storage. Take advantage of an efficient and economical solution for files back-up with Acronis Cloud, active back-up copies for Office365 in OneDrive and many more.

We make use of multiple, multi-layer Back-Up internally as well as, externally to your organization. The investment in Back-Up solutions ensures business continuity, disaster avoidance and prevention of negative advertisement for your organization.


Disaster Recovery – Business Continuity Solutions

Design and implementation of Disaster Prevention and Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery solutions are not only possible, but also immediate and safe. Our professional storage methods offer a set of tools essential to execute, evaluate and confirm the proper backup of files and the integrity of the data.

Back-ups of files must be taken regularly in an automated way, such that there is timely recording of changes in your data and there is file history available in the case of Disaster Recovery.

We provide the capability of whole physical or virtual Server Backup in the Cloud. The functionality of the Backup in the Cloud is such, that you can locate your data in the Cloud or establish a complete network connection to the Cloud Backup Server over the Internet and work on your services via the Back-Up Server. Thus, business continuity is secured to your business for the cases of physical destruction.

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