We collaborate with the best vendors for PCs solutions

Work where and how you need, with small, light and stylish laptops and 2-in-1, designed for enhanced portability and productivity. Stay connected, thanks to the industry’s fastest wireless networking and LTE technology options , the smart possibilities of cooperation and protection of privacy, as well as thanks to a wide range of doors and auxiliary equipment that allow you to transform any space in your office. Ensure that the IT department has the preventive, predictive and automated solutions it needs, to meet the demands of the modern work world.

We know that having the right device is just the beginning for a good working day. Employees need smart, easy-to-use and efficient experiences that allow them to work productively and without interruption.

We collaborate with the best vendors for PCs solutions


Solutions for Servers

We are able to propose solutions for processing power and data storage (Computers and Servers) timely and cost effectively, such that the uninterrupted operation of the SMB or Organization is assured – 24h per day, 7 days a week. We propose Computers – Servers  from top brands globally, like Dell, HP, Lenovo with up to 5 years warranty. You may thus substanitally reduce the yearly cost for your IT.


Only the best servers on the market

We propose top of the line servers from pioneer manufacturers with prestige, which can provide reliable Hardware, the best possible technical support and an extended warranty.


Minimum Cost

We can reduce the operating cost to minimum, by using Windows OS Server and Hyper-V technologies, assuming that the rest of the software solutions do not have other requirements.


Provisioning of Advanced Support Services

We offer 24h monitoring of all critical functions of the Server. In case there is a need for actions, we control and manage the Servers remotely until the issue has been resolved.


Warranty & Service

You acquire a warranty of up to 5 years for the Servers and up to 5 years for the Computers, during which you are benefited with technical service on your site, the next business day at no extra charge in case of Hardware failure.


Local Area Network Solutions

The Local Area Network comprises the critical IT infrastructure upon which the communication of the applications of your team members resides. The efficient application of a LAN IT solution ensures the speed and reliability in communication and an overall increase in the team productivity.

The LAN solutions we propose are based on long year experience in design and implementation of Local Area Networks for SMBs and Organizations. Critical factors for success of the IT LAN solution are its efficient unobstructed operation, its reliability, and its manageability.

Network planning

Our networking proposals comprise of a complete set of solutions and implementation proposals. Let us know what you need to include for your organization, and we will specify a complete and efficient solution

 Solutions for Structured Wiring

Independent of the nature or complexity of your network design we have the experience, manpower and processes to correctly evaluate and implement each solution

Wireless solutions

The modern workplace is based on portability and the Organizations and SMBs, who invest in robust Wi-Fi solutions have a lot to gain, like

  • They acquire flexibility and speed in access to corporate information and applications
  • They increase the efficiency and cooperation among employees and partners
  • They reduce cabling cost in the IT infrastructure

Connect to and browse our e-shop ( from PROFIT.  and offers for PC hardware – laptops, Dekstops, Monitors and peripherals. Also, find isolated devices for computer upgrades, like memory banks, SSD hard drives, cameras and other for laptopos as well as for desktops. We are partners with and provide Hardware from top and established brands, like Dell, HP and Lenovo. You can browse through the websites with new models that offer Hardware of latest generation, like Intel i5 Core processor, Intel i7 Core processor, NVMe SSD drives and other. Also look through the websites with more economical refurbished models of modern hardware. All with guarantee up to 5 years.

Your payments can be easily made via credit card or through pay on delivery with transport of the goods made with our own courier.

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